More than 350 people attend open house

Putting items in a time capsule.

Board member Brad Brodine places an item into the time capsule. He is joined by board members Pat Hecox and Joe Jeffrey as well as General Manager, Gwen Kautz.

Dawson PPD hosted an open house at the Lexington headquarters to celebrate the District’s 80th anniversary. The weather was perfect for the May 4, event, which was held as a business after hours event with the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.  Guests toured the facility, learned about the District’s history and current engineering practices. A highlight was the opportunity to ride in a bucket truck.

A time capsule was buried to mark the occasion. Contents included  financial reports, an insulator, a piece of conductor, linemen gear and Willie Wiredhand memorabilia.  The time capsule will be opened on the District’s 100th anniversary in 2037.

May 2017

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