Need help with bills?

Need help with bills? LIHEAP and Weatherization Programs are available to those who qualify.

Need help with bills? LIHEAP and Weatherization Programs are available to those who qualify.

Weatherization Assistance Program

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program installs energy efficiency measures in the homes of qualifying homeowners free of charge. The Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska administers these funds. The mission of WAP is to reduce energy costs for low-income families, particularly the elderly, people with disabilities, and children, while safeguarding their health and safety.

Weatherization is available to homes that are owned or rented (with landlord permission), and the structure may be frame or mobile.

Weatherization includes:

  • Furnace & water heater inspection (if found unsafe, it can be repaired or replaced)
  • Adding insulation in attics and walls
  • Attic ventilation
  • Insulating crawl spaces
  • Installing water heater jackets
  • Insulating water heater pipes
  • Weather-stripping & caulking around doors, windows, and general heat waste areas
  • Repairing broken windows and doors (possibly replacing them, if determined cost effective by the National Energy Audit)

How it works:

  • Individual fills out an application.
  • Individual is notified of eligibility via letter. Those who qualify are typically placed on a waiting list.
  • If eligible: The Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska WAP office will call to set up an initial inspection of the home to determine needed improvements.
  • Upgrades will be made by either the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska’s in-house crew or by a pre-qualified contractor.
  • Once the work is completed, it is inspected to ensure it meets applicable federal standards.

To qualify:

2017 WAP Income Guidelines

Qualification is based on income. If you receive Supplemental Security Income, you are automatically qualified. Add $8,360 for each additional member. *Numbers based off of 2017 guidelines
Household SizeMax Gross Income*



Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska

CountyPhone #
Dawson, Gosper & East Frontier308-324-4219



Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Department of Health and Human Services Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low income households pay for heating and possibly cooling their homes based on need. It does not pay for all energy costs, like security lights, and will most likely not cover the cost of the entire utility bill.

In an emergency or crisis situation, individuals may qualify for one-time assistance.

How it works:

  • Individual may fill out an application by paper, phone, or via the web at ACCESSNebraska.
  • The individual’s income, copies of their electric and heating utility bills and other required information is verified.
  • The payment amount will depend on income level and fuel type used to heat the home:
    • Electricity/Natural Gas/Coal/Corn/Water: $350-650
    • Propane: $280-800
    • Wood: $300-750
    • Kerosene/Fuel Oil: $300-$1,000

Cooling program:

  • The household must already qualify for heating assistance through LIHEAP
  • Includes a household member who:
    • Is 70 years old or older, or
    • Is a child under the age of 6 that receives ADC (Aid to Dependent Children), or
    • Has a severe illness or condition which is aggravated by extreme heat as verified by a medical statement signed by a licensed healthcare provider.
    • DHHS has purchased an air conditioner for the household within four years of the current application date.

To qualify:

LIHEAP Income qualifications

Qualification is based on income and fuel type needed to heat the home. *Effective 10/1/17 through 9/30/18
Household SizeMax Income*


Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services ACCESSNebraska


February 2018

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