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Gwen Kautz, Dawson PPD General Manager 2018

Gwen Kautz, Dawson PPD General Manager

By Gwen Kautz, General Manager
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Dawson PPD supports our communities economically; doing all we can to buy locally. In the scope of things, our local economy depends on everyone.

Statistically speaking, about 68 cents of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the community. In 2017, Dawson PPD spent about $6.1 million within our service territory on materials and services. Another $3.6 million was spent statewide.

Public power is supported by the local economy – if you didn’t live here, we wouldn’t be here.

You can rest assured we’re intent on staying as local as we can to do our part.

Stop and think about how many small businesses touch your life. Small businesses are too often overlooked for the wrong reasons. Assuming pricing will automatically be higher should be weighed against the personal service you receive and what small business does for others.

Outside of my day job, I am a small business owner. My business relies exclusively on local support, so I understand the importance of the mutual support between a business and its customers.

A sign in the window that says "come in, we're open."

Small businesses tend to customize their products based on the culture in the community. Knowing the people behind the business often provides a higher level of quality and service. It’s a connection that is upheld by reputation – otherwise they couldn’t stay in business.

Some of the “big name” franchises can be owned and controlled by local individuals. It would be beneficial for you to find out who in your area has one. Some franchises allow leeway to ways that keep the business thriving locally – others are very restrictive.

Local business owners often give back to the community. Many support local causes like the activities your kids are a part of. If you go to the small town parades that celebrate the 4th of July, Veterans Day, Christmas and others – you’ll see the small businesses front and center. When have you ever seen Amazon, Apple or Nordstrom enter a parade in central Nebraska?

If you own a small business and feel you have something to offer Dawson PPD, give us a call. The service/product you provide must fit within our budget allowance. Our interest is to keep our dollars as local as possible.


July 2018

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