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Chevy Bolt electric vehicle driving down the street. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly with low emissions and keep money in the pockets of Nebraskans. Courtesy NPPD.

Electric vehicles are eco-friendly with low emissions and keep money in the pockets of Nebraskans. Courtesy NPPD.

Electric vehicles are changing how we think about getting from point A to B.

An eco-friendly vehicle with low emissions and less maintenance does exist. If you haven’t looked at an electric vehicle lately, it may be time to do a double-take. EVs boast a variety of benefits over its gas-powered competitors.


The emissions associated with the electric drivetrain of plug-in EVs come from power plants generating electricity to charge the batteries and not from tailpipe emissions. EVs emit 66 percent less carbon dioxide compared with internal combustion vehicles.

Energy efficient

EVs convert about 59-62 percent of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17-21 percent of the energy stored in gasoline.*


EVs can be charged from the comfort of your home, avoiding trips to the gas station. They can be charged on a standard 120V wall outlet, called Level 1 charging. Faster charging can be achieved with Level 2 charging.

Accessible charging stations

Public charging stations continue to pop up across Nebraska. Businesses, electric utilities and government agencies are establishing a rapidly expanding network of charging infrastructure, making it possible to get nearly everywhere with an EV.

Less maintenance

Plug-in EVs typically have lower total cost of ownership and lower maintenance costs. This is because they have fewer moving parts, reduced oil changes (or none for a full electric) and fewer brake replacements.

Supports the local economy

EVs are fueled with energy from the local electrical grid. Money spent on local electricity gets reinvested back into the local economy.


A $200 EnergyWiseSM incentive for the installation of a residential vehicle charging station is available for a limited time to help with the cost of charging your EV at home. Contact Dawson PPD to see if you qualify. In addition, you may be eligible for federal income tax credits up to $7,500 to defray some initial purchase costs. As with other tax credit opportunities, consult your tax professional for additional information.

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