About our rates …

Photo of a sunrise behind a Dawson PPD pole courtesy of Rose WelchDawson PPD offers a variety of rates in addition to the ones listed below. If you need additional information, call 308-324-2386.

  • A-Rate General Service (rate code 1, 11) — In effect April 1, 2017.  Used for homes, farms, stock wells and general use electric customers.
  • A-SH Rate General Service – Electric Heat (rate code 12) — In effect April 1, 2017.  This rate is similar to the General Service rate, but used for customers who have 10 kw or more of installed electric heating equipment such as baseboard heaters, an electric furnace or some heat pump systems.
  • B-Rate Small Power (rate code 4) — In effect April 1, 2017.  Used for larger farm services, possibly grain drying or small commercial accounts
  • B-SH Rate Small Power – Electric Heat (rate code 14) — In effect April 1, 2017.  Used for larger farm services and small commercial services that meet minimum requirements for installed electric heating equipment.
  • 2017 Irrigation Rates — These rates are specifically used for irrigation customers and include demand and energy charges.
  • Green Rate — The Green Rate is available as an add-on to other standard Dawson Public Power District rates.
  • Net Metering Rider Rate — NMRR is used for any customer that has a generation facility or facilities interconnected behind their service meter with an aggregate nameplate capacity of 25 kW or less
  • Commercial Rate In effect April 1, 2017 where demand does not exceed 200 KW for three consecutive months.  Those on the commercial rate include some grain handling facilities, manufacturing facilities, livestock production facilities and businesses.


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