Keep safety in mind near grain bins

grain bin safety tips, call 308-324-2386 for more informationAs rewarding as it may be, farming is an extremely difficult job—and it ranks among the top 10 most dangerous professions in the United States. At Dawson PPD, safety is top priority for all—our employees and customers.

Our farmers work hard to get the job done, and sometimes it’s easy to forget all the necessary steps to take when practicing safe operations.

Whether you’re purchasing new grain bins or remodeling areas that contain existing ones, proximity to overhead power lines must be a considered factor.

Safe clearance. The National Electrical Safety Code requires a 15-foot minimum distance from the power line to the grain bin wall on the non-loading side of the bin. Dawson PPD advises that the loading and unloading equipment be on the side of the bin farthest away from the power line.

Filling and unloading grain bins. High-voltage power lines are not insulated, so it’s important to remember to maintain an adequate high-wire clearance when using a portable auger, conveyor or elevator to fill your grain bin.

Moving equipment near grain bins. When moving equipment, such as a hopper or a scaffold, be aware of nearby power lines. Remember to maintain a 10-foot clearance to ensure safety.
Accidents can happen in a split-second, which is why Dawson PPD reminds you to always use caution when working near power lines.

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