Prioritize safety this irrigation season

  • pivot end gun under a power line

    If a pivot end-gun fails to properly turn off, it can pose a hazard while shooting water onto a power line energized at 7,200 volts. When designing irrigation systems, please keep safety in mind. Safety never hurts.

    Make sure that irrigation system wiring is properly grounded. Before the start of each irrigation season, have a qualified electrician check each pump and wiring.

  • Position the water jet streams so that there is no chance of them spraying onto power lines. If this happens, the entire system could become energized, creating a danger for anyone nearby.
    If fuses continually blow or circuit breakers repeatedly trip, have a professional check the wiring. This could indicate a potential electrical hazard.
  • Always shut off and lock the master electrical control switch before servicing the machine.
  • Take some time to survey your surroundings before moving equipment. Look up and around you; note any power lines that could be close enough to come into contact with equipment—and stay away.

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