District adopts power quality standards

Although Dawson PPD has had power quality rules, the board recently adopted a formal policy in February 2017.

Power quality is a set of electrical “boundaries” that allow a piece of equipment to function as intended. Customer-owned equipment can affect the power quality for neighboring customers. The policy addresses many of these situations. It includes:

  • Dawson PPD is not responsible for property damage due to loss of phase. Loss of phase protection is encouraged for three-phase loads.
  • If a customer’s use of electric service is intermittent or causes unusual fluctuations, the customer may be required to furnish, install and maintain equipment to limit disturbances.
  • Full voltage starting in excess of 75 horsepower (nameplate) shall not be permitted for new or replacement motors. A solid state reduced voltage (SSRV) or variable frequency drive (VFD) controller is required.
  • Proper installation and operation of required motor controller equipment is the customer’s responsibility.

A full copy of the policy is available here .

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