Monitor energy use with the SmartHub app

Dawson PPD irrigation customers are billed for energy use at the end of the irrigation season. But have you ever wanted to see how much energy an irrigation system uses on a monthly basis? Or how about on a daily or hourly time frame? This is possible with the use of the SmartHub app on your home computer or on your mobile electronic device.

SmartHub is easy to use. Sign up for access to your Dawson PPD account online here or download the SmartHub app on your mobile device.

SmartHub could help optimize farming operation profits.  The “My Usage” tool in SmartHub shows energy consumption on a monthly, daily or even an hourly basis.* It can be used for:

  • Budgeting – know how much energy was consumed before the bill arrives
  • History – see the exact time and dates the irrigation motor was running
  • Troubleshooting – review hourly consumption for possible higher or lower power draw
  • Improvements – see details in energy use after upgrades/repairs to the system

*Energy data is not available on a “live” basis, but can be seen just a few hours after consumption.

If you are interested in using the SmartHub tool, but don’t feel comfortable with the technology contact Dawson PPD for assistance. We can help you over the phone, or stop by the Lexington office for a hands on lesson.

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