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June 2021
At Dawson PPD, we do our best to keep the lights on. But sometimes, power outages happen. Now’s the time to make a plan.


  • Flashlights are much safer than using candles.
  • Never operate a generator or a propane grill in your home or attached garage.
  • Never use a gas stove to heat your home.

Breakers and fuses

  • Know about the fuses or breaker box at your home. Breakers and fuses are safety devices that shut off the power at your home if there is a problem.
  • Know where your breaker box or fuse box is located and how to reset a breaker or replace a fuse.
  • Check these before you call to report an outage. The problem may be on your side of the meter.


  • Your cell phone has a limited battery supply – make sure it is charged if outages occur.
  • If you use your vehicle to charge your phone, make sure the vehicle is parked outside so the exhaust fumes do not come into your home.
  • If you have a landline, know that corded phones may continue to work but a cordless landline phone will not work during a power outage.


  • Keep the doors of refrigerators and freezers closed – this will keep the cool air in and prolong the life of your food.
  • Stock your pantry with shelf stable foods that do not require refrigeration.
  • Visit FoodSafety.gov for more information.


  • Have bottled water available.
  • If you have a domestic well for your rural home, it is likely that you will not have access to water during a power outage. Try filling containers of water ahead of time to use for drinking and hand washing during an outage.

Garage doors

  • Know how to operate your garage door during a power outage. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn how to open the door when the power is out.

Lift chairs

  • Electric lift chairs may not function without power. Some have a battery that will help return the chair to a sitting position. If the battery is not working properly or the chair doesn’t have a backup battery, the chair will remain in the position it was in when the outage occurred.
  • Before an outage, make sure the lift chair is working properly and the person can exit the chair in the event of a power outage.

Medical equipment

  • Home medical equipment may not function during an outage.
  • People who rely on oxygen concentrators or other critical equipment need to consult with their physicians and equipment providers and have a plan before a power outage occurs.


  • If you have no power to your rural, domestic well, the water in your toilet’s tank will be limited. You can refill it by taking the tank lid off and pouring stored fresh water into it.

Flood water

  • Sump pumps cannot run without power. However, some are made with a backup battery.
  • If electrical outlets are under water, do not enter!


  • If you plan to use a generator, it is best to have a transfer switch for safe installation and use. This protects the customer and the lineworkers working on the lines.
    Dawson PPD offers rebates for new transfer switch installations. Call our office or visit DawsonPower.com for details.

Call to report a power outage at 308-324-2386 or 800-752-8305

Power's Out. Now What?