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Renewable energy infographic

Maybe you’ve seen the solar ads on social media. Perhaps you’ve been contacted by a solar installer. Be cautious before buying that sales pitch. If you have questions regarding installing a solar system, call Dawson PPD. We will provide you with a realistic estimated energy savings, best practices for installation and how to select a reliable solar system installer.

Dawson PPD has a Net Metering Policy that allows customers to generate power on their property for private use and to offset power usage. The following information is for distributed generation systems size 25 kW and under.

  1. Become informed
  2. Conduct an initial sizing and cost evaluation
  3. Collect quotes from contractors
  4. Complete and submit the Dawson PPD Net Metering Generation Application for Interconnection
  5. Receive approval of the Dawson PPD Net Metering Generation Application for Interconnection
  6. Review financial assistance opportunities
  7. Install the system
  8. Request an electrical inspection (required by law)
  9. Request final approval for connection to Dawson PPD by signing an Interconnection and Service Agreement
  10. Apply for tax credits

Contact Bobby Johnson, Energy Services Specialist, for details at 308-324-2386.


Volunteers needed for therapy horse program

Volunteers needed for therapy horse program

Volunteers are the heart of every non-profit organization, and the Kearney Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program is no exception. The independent, non-profit organization is dedicated to fostering emotional, physical and social well-being through horseback riding. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals of all ages and disabilities.

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Turning over the torch

Turning over the torch

After 28 years of service, Engineering Coordinator Rose Welch is ready to pass the torch. “I’m extremely happy that I was able to carry one of the many torches at Dawson PPD for 28 years, and I’m honored to now hand the torch to the next generation of Dawson PPD,” she...

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