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commercial-grade CV International truck

New construction crew foremen trucks have arrived at Dawson PPD, and they’re a bit monstrous.

The commercial-grade CV International trucks are listed as medium duty with a gross vehicle weight rating of 23,500 lbs. Dawson PPD crew foremen previously drove a Dodge Ram 5500. The decision to upgrade to a larger truck came down to two things: convenience and cost.

“Our foremen are hauling more weight than ever before,” said Lead Fleet and Hydraulic Mechanic Tony Hansen. “They need a vehicle to carry the load while having enough ground clearance in fields, pastures and roadsides, and perform at the work site. While the engine is running, a converter is charging their battery-powered tools, and a crane on the back is lifting poles and transformers for lineworkers.”

Dawson PPD trades in its vehicles every 150,000 miles. This equates to an average of seven years of use per foreman’s vehicle. Surprisingly, the International truck cost slightly less than the Dodge yet still had the necessary features and custom options needed to meet job site needs. Purchases like these vehicles are budgeted for and approved by the Dawson PPD Board of Directors.


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