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Jean Edeal

After 33 years of service, Jean Edeal has retired from Dawson PPD. A people-person and volunteer at heart, Edeal talks more about her job from a serving role and not just the tasks completed.

“When I can do something that helps others, it makes me feel good,” she said.

Edeal began her career at Dawson PPD as a consumer accounting representative.

“It was a social event for people to come in and pay their bill,” Edeal remembered. “There were people waiting in lines and we had our regulars that you got to know on a personal level.”

Eight years later, the payroll administrator position opened. Edeal applied for and accepted the job in 1997 and has remained in that position until now.

“This job has been fulfilling because of the people I served,” Edeal said.

As payroll administrator, Edeal was responsible for payroll and employee benefits. She spent time with employees and retirees helping them navigate their benefits and identifying opportunities to maximize them. She also assisted other departments within Dawson PPD as needed.

“It’s surreal to see the service of others come full circle,” Edeal reflected. “The retirees that I have helped are some of the same ones who trained me for my position.”
A Lexington native, Edeal currently resides at Johnson Lake and is the president of Johnson Lake Development, Inc. The group serves as a liaison between Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District and lease holders of the lake community. She has also volunteered for a parent teacher organization, Nebraska 4-H and her church’s youth groups.

Edeal says she plans to travel and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

“I’m looking forward to doing the things that I haven’t taken the time to do,” Edeal commented. “It’s time to slow down and savor.”


Twelve values of the merger

Twelve values of the merger

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