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Rose Welch

After 28 years of service, Engineering Coordinator Rose Welch is ready to pass the torch.

“I’m extremely happy that I was able to carry one of the many torches at Dawson PPD for 28 years, and I’m honored to now hand the torch to the next generation of Dawson PPD,” she said. “Technology and business are the future of Dawson PPD, and I feel younger minds are needed and will do a great job leading this organization.”

Welch served the past 10 years as the engineering coordinator. Before that, she worked in the billing department.

As Engineering Coordinator, Welch enjoyed talking to customers, electricians, pivot and well techs, and state inspectors. Welch referred to her desk as the hub of information. She usually knew who was building a new home, installing a new pivot among other projects.

“My career changes seemed to occur about the same time Dawson PPD was going through some big events in its history,” she added. “There was a big ice storm in April 1994. That was quite the experience for someone so new to the company. Then, when I took the engineering coordinator job in 2012, there was a drought that summer. The Engineering Department is responsible for the load management program, which mainly focuses on crop irrigation, and I was thrown into the deep end.”

Welch isn’t quite ready to slow down. She plans to do occasional office work for a local mechanic. She says she’s looking forward to being around old muscle cars and spending time with her family – especially her grandchildren.

“Dawson PPD has given me the life that I have enjoyed, but I also look forward to alarm clocks not going off every morning,” Welch commented. “I’m looking forward to more time to do things I enjoy away from the office.”


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