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Dawson PPD bond debt 2013-2022

Dawson PPD uses bonds to finance big construction projects. These bonds were issued at favorable rates. They will be paid back over several years, by the ratepayers who benefit from the construction projects. These projects have improved the reliability, capacity and efficiency of Dawson PPD’s electric grid.

Dawson PPD is current on its loans and bond payments. The district has an “A” bond rating, which provides access to good interest rates. Equity as a percent of assets is at 68.37 percent; another good indicator of financial well-being.

In the proposed merger, Dawson PPD and the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District have different business models. Dawson PPD borrows money for improvements. Central saves money before starting improvements. Platte River Public Power and Irrigation District will keep the financials of the businesses separate – meaning that each division of the business is individually accountable.


Merry and bright

Merry and bright

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