Public Power

Hello! My name is public power graphic.Public power… it’s YOUR power!

Dawson PPD is a public power utility. This means we…

  • Are owned by the people of the state of Nebraska — we’re not out to make a profit to pay dividends to share holders
  • Are guided by a board of directors elected by our customers — our directors are customers just like you
  • Provide some of the lowest priced electricity in the nation.

A little History Lesson…

Dawson PPD - Electricity makes common chores, like washing the laundry, easy. In the 1930s, much of the rural areas did not have electricity. The electric companies that existed at the time were serving towns and cities… and believed it was not economically feasible to provide service to these rural areas.

In 1936, Nebraska Senator George Norris helped Congress pass the Rural Electrification Act. This act stipulated that power generation and delivery systems were owned by the public for the public good. While criticized by many as being socialistic, Norris believed that public power represented a way to ensure that every citizen was provided with reliable service at a reasonable price.

Today, Nebraska is the only state in the USA to be totally served by public power.

What our customers say

An informed customer is our greatest asset.