Dawson PPD plans 80th anniversary celebration

(February 20, 2017) Lexington, Neb.Dawson Public Power District is planning several activities to celebrate its 80th year in business. The District was organized on February 26, 1937.

In partnership with the Dawson County Historical Society Museum, Dawson PPD is currently showcasing its history in the Art Gallery. The exhibit, titled “Yesterday’s Vision, Today’s Power,” highlights the Rural Electrification Act, the formation of Dawson PPD and the evolution of lineworker safety.

“Dawson PPD has a rich history and we’re eager to share it with the public,” said Communications Specialist Chelsea Gengenbach. “Since the District’s founding in 1937, our board members, employees and customers have witnessed several milestones in American history, the power of Mother Nature and numerous technology improvements in overall safety and efficiency.”

The display will be available for public viewing now through March 31. The museum is located at 805 Taft Street, Lexington. Public viewing hours are:

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

In addition, Dawson PPD will host an open house at its Lexington headquarters on May 4. Plans include facility tours and the burial of the 80th anniversary time capsule. The time capsule will be placed in a junction box, a piece of electrical equipment typically containing electric wires, and will be sealed until the District’s 100th anniversary.

Dawson Public Power District is a Nebraska rural electric utility system that serves south central Nebraska along the Platte River Valley. Organized in 1937, Dawson PPD provides service to more than 23,000 electric meters and maintains over 5,800 miles of power lines. The district’s 5,000 square miles territory includes all of the rural areas in Dawson and Buffalo Counties, approximately two-thirds of Gosper County, a third of Lincoln County and parts of Custer, Sherman and Frontier Counties. Dawson PPD also serves several villages including Hershey, Maxwell, Brady, Farnam, Eustis, Elwood, Eddyville, Smithfield, Overton, Sumner, Miller, Riverdale, Amherst, Odessa and Pleasanton.

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