Dawson PPD customers gained $300,000 in rebates in 2017

(January 9, 2018) Lexington, Neb. – More than $300,000 in incentives were given to Dawson Public Power District’s customers in 2017.

Dawson PPD’s rebate programs encourage customers to make energy efficient and safety-focused choices. In the past five years, Dawson PPD has distributed $1.5 million through its programs.

There are three main categories of incentives available to Dawson PPD customers: EnergyWise, Heat Pump Cooling Add-on and Transfer Switch.

Together with its wholesale partner, Nebraska Public Power District, Dawson PPD offers incentives through the EnergyWise program. Incentives include new heat pump installation, irrigation pump efficiency and prescriptive commercial and industrial lighting. In 2017, approximately $226,072 was reimbursed to customers through EnergyWise. Dawson PPD also provides an extra $100 per ton of cooling for the heat pump incentive. That provided an additional $58,775 to customers last year. Details about these programs and more may be found at DawsonPower.com/customer-service/rebates/ or by calling 308-324-2386.

Dawson PPD’s unique Transfer Switch program paid $23,500 for 80 units installed by customers in 2017. The incentive provides a $200-300 rebate to customers who install a transfer switch, also known as a double throw switch, so they can safely connect their generator for use during a power outage. Failing to properly connect a generator may feed electricity back onto power lines, posing a risk for unsuspecting lineworkers.

As a publicly-owned utility, Dawson PPD’s goal is to use its resources wisely to keep costs low and control greenhouse gas emissions.


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