Celebrating Engineering Week

Engineers week is February 16-22. These professionals are changing the world all the time with creative, practical solutions for things that matter.

At Dawson PPD, we are proud to have an entire department dedicated to the engineering profession. The Engineering Department covers a variety of areas within the business:


Employees in this department help manage irrigation load control, starting with the engineering coordinator. The department is in charge of notifications for control days and the necessary paperwork to ensure irrigation customers are signed up for the correct amount of controlled days.


The metering department consists of two meter techs who ensure that customer meters are installed and working properly. They manage Dawson PPD’s AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure). AMI is considered the full measurement and collection system that includes meters, communication networks, data reception and management systems. They also install load control switches to remotely control irrigation pivots on assigned control days.


Substations transform voltage and are a vital part to the distribution grid. The substation technicians are responsible for the performance and maintenance of Dawson PPD’s 50+ substations located throughout its territory. They also manage downline protection equipment like line reclosers and voltage support equipment such as line regulators.


Dawson PPD’s three consumer service engineers meet with customers to discuss their electrical needs such as a new or upgraded electrical service and provide an estimate. The Right of Way Agent reviews property lines and access to electrical equipment, assists in the writing of contracts and files property rights paperwork with the county.


The engineering technician and GIS specialist are responsible for mapping Dawson PPD’s electrical system. They document important information such as customer contact information, location, size of service and any notes that are necessary for lineworkers when responding to a customer concern or power outage.


Together with the Information Technology Department, the electrical engineer and meter technicians create a mesh communications network for Dawson PPD’s meters. Data is collected and used to read the overall health of Dawson PPD’s system and to identify areas for improvement.

Distribution system planning

The Engineering Department collaborates with other departments to design and plan for the future. They must consider cost, efficiency and safety with every project.


The Dawson PPD Engineering Department not only keeps the lights on, but keeps our smart phones charged, our electric vehicles running, and e-commerce flowing.

Engineers are essential in the energy industry to help improve systems and create more efficient ways to generate, transmit and use power. The career opportunities for engineers are tremendous as energy technologies and systems advance, and as more renewable resources, like solar and wind, are being integrated into the electric power grid.

If you want to encourage a young person or group of students to consider engineering, Dawson PPD would like to help! We offer job shadowing opportunities. Please call 308-324-2386 to schedule a visit today.


February 2020

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