Dawson PPD rate increase to go in effect April 1

February 18, 2020 – Dawson Public Power District will have an average two percent rate increase across all rate classes effective April 1, 2020. The vote for approval was made at the Dawson PPD Board Meeting on February 12.

The District has invested more than $135 million into its distribution system over the past ten years. As a result, system reliability increased from a good to an excellent rating, according to a 2019 customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, Dawson PPD employee overtime labor hours resulting from power outages reduced from 2,416 in 2009 to 1,343 in 2019.

“Our customers have indicated that reliable power is a top priority,” said Dawson PPD General Manager Gwen Kautz. “As a publicly owned-utility, our focus is on our customers. We made these investments at a rapid pace, and now that Dawson PPD’s system is more reliable than ever, it’s time to slow down.”

Construction and line upgrade projects have been reduced. Dawson PPD’s overall 2020 budget is about $2.5 million less than the previous year.

Residential customers on the General Service rate could expect their monthly electric statement to increase an average of $2.45. Residential customers on the General Service-Electric Heat rate could see their monthly electric statement increase by $2.83, on average.

Customers are welcome to review Dawson PPD’s rates at any time through its website, DawsonPower.com, or by calling 308-324-2386.

General Service RateA-SH General Service Electric HeatSmall Power RateSmall Power with Space Heating RateCommercial Power RateSecurity and Street Lighting
2020 general service rate

2020 a-sh general service rate

2020 small power rate

2020 small power with space heating rate

2020 commercial power rate

2020 security and street lighting

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