Q & A with Electrical Engineer, Cole Brodine

Cole Brodine, Manager of Engineering

Cole Brodine, Manager of Engineering

What kind of projects do you work on?

Since we are a small utility, I work on a lot of different things. It includes line design, both distribution and transmission, regulatory requirements like our spill protection plan and PCB removal plan, evaluating line equipment like new reclosers, regulators, transformers, etc., system studies to determine growth areas to upgrade, system work plans including aging facilities, site specific, transmission and substation upgrades, administering contracts for large projects that are put out for open bids, working with customers who need service, metering, some computer projects like our AMI system, mapping, staking and other various software, doing cost of service studies and helping with rates, analyzing our wholesale billing, running our load management programs.

What do you like about your job?

I like the variation in work. I’m working on something different almost every day so things always stay fresh and interesting.

What do you wish you knew about engineering before you started in this career?

What you learn in college isn’t always representative of what you will be doing in the real world. Often times, being an engineer is more about problem solving.

I’ve been working in the electrical power industry 15 years now and have been asked to work on a lot of projects that we didn’t learn about in school.


February 2020

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