Energy property tax credits retroactively brought back

The federal government announced that it is retroactively bringing back various energy property tax credits that were discontinued in 2017. The tax credit may be claimed for 10 percent of the cost of qualified energy efficiency improvements and 100 percent of all residential energy property costs. The maximum total lifetime value of the tax credit is $500 for all years combined, from 2006 to its expiration.

Of that combined $500 limit:

  • A maximum of $200 can be for windows
  • The maximum tax credit for a furnace circulating fan is $50
  • The maximum credit for a furnace or boiler is $150
  • The maximum credit for any other single residential energy property cost is $300

Please visit with your tax advisor to see if your home upgrades qualify.

Qualified Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • Home insulation
  • Exterior doors
  • Exterior windows and skylights
  • Certain roofing materials

Residential Energy Property Costs

  • Electric heat pumps
  • Electric heat pump water heaters
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Natural gas, propane or oil water heaters
  • Stoves that use biomass fuel
  • Natural gas, propane or oil furnaces
  • Natural gas, propane or oil hot water boilers
  • Advanced circulating fans for natural gas, propane or oil furnaces


April 2020

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