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To determine the estimated impact the power factor adjustment will have on your Horse Power Fixed Charges in 2022, calculate the difference between the horse power entered above and the adjusted horse power shown.  Multiply that number by the Fixed Charge for your Load Management option found in the rate.

Example: If the difference between the Adjusted Horse Power and the Horsepower are 6.0 HP and the account is on Anytime Control ($32.64 per HP in 2021), then:
6 x $32.64 = $195.84.


This calculator provided is for estimation only.  Horsepower adjustments will occur for irrigation systems with a power factor under 90%.  Horsepower and power factor may vary depending on irrigation system performance.  Power factor adjustments will become part of Dawson PPD irrigation fixed charges in the spring of 2022.  Rates for 2022 may change.


 Power factor for irrigation accounts

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