Rates are set for the 2021 irrigation season

2021 irrigation rate increase

March 2021

The Board of Directors approved rate increases to take effect in 2021. The overall rate increase for irrigation customers is 2.44%. Irrigation rates increased $1 per horsepower for the spring billing. Increases in the kilowatt hour charge vary by control option. This increase was part of a rate plan formed in 2019.

Horsepower demand includes the whole irrigation system

The recorded demand for irrigation systems may exceed the nameplate demand of the electric motor. This is because the demand recorded by the electric meter includes the well motor, other devices and any potential efficiency losses at the site (line losses, well inefficiency, etc.). The demand used in billing is the peak demand set during the billing period.

Other reminders

Any irrigation well with a nameplate horsepower of 10 or less will automatically be billed on the uncontrolled rate for fixed charges and energy. These systems are not eligible to participate in the load management program.

All irrigation systems 10 horsepower or larger require a capacitor or VFD for power factor correction. If one is not in place, a charge is assessed. This capacitor charge has been in place since the 1970s and will be replaced with the new power factor charge in 2022.

Off-season energy use

  • Billing timeframe: Energy used by an irrigation service between October 1 and March 1 is considered off-season or winter water. It is listed on the statement with the horsepower fixed charges.
  • Rate for energy used: Kilowatt hours are billed according the customer’s current load management option. Customers on a standby option during irrigation season will be billed at the no control kilowatt hour rate.
  • Fees: Customers on the Standby load control option will be charged $100 to connect the service for off-season use. The fee is $150 if the well needs connected after office hours. Wells used during irrigation season are available to use throughout the year.

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