Rewarding customers for improving energy efficienty

March 2021

Projects eligible for EnergyWise incentives:
• Installing new sprinkler packages
• Replacing pressure regulators
• Reducing system pressures
• Replacing delivery system
• Installing variable rate irrigation systems
• Replacing or refurbishing pumps

Is an energy efficiency improvement worth the investment?

That’s a question best answered with some number crunching. Dawson PPD has incentives to help improve the cashflow on your spreadsheet.

“We have a variety of programs. If you’re considering an efficiency test or an improvement, call us. We may have a rebate program that fits,” explains Bobby Johnson,
Dawson PPD Energy Specialist.

“Some of our programs have set amounts, like $12 per variable frequency drive horsepower for a corner pivot VFD. We also have a $500 rebate for replacing nozzels and sprinkler heads on your pivot system,” he explains. “Other incentives are customized to your specific project. For those custom rebates, call to see if the project qualifies and what the incentive amount may be.”

Why would the power company want me to buy less electricity from them?

The EnergyWise incentive programs encourage customers to use less energy, which in the big picture view will help all of us save money by not needing to build new generation units.

The EnergyWise Irrigation Program places focus on the many components of an irrigation system that need to be properly maintained so the system continues to run efficiently.

Weighing the cost and the benefit

Sometimes farmers make the comment “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That may look good on the annual financial expense statement, but what often can’t be seen is the cost of higher energy use due the irrigation system being inefficient. Plus, an inefficient system may not provide the appropriate amount of water to the entire crop, leading to lower bushels per acre at harvest time.

To maximize the profits in crop production, even the small, overlooked components of an irrigation system need to be addressed. The good news is that Dawson PPD may be able to lend a hand; with a financial incentive to help keep that irrigation system operating efficiently.

Dawson PPD EnergyWise ag incentives in 2020

  • Corner pivot VFD – $1,6200
  • Prescriptive ag lighting – $2,110
  • Prescriptive irrigation – $6,500

What our customers say

An informed customer is our greatest asset.