Important information for irrigators

Downgrading load management control options

Dawson PPD allows each irrigation account to downgrade to a lesser level of load management control one time during the irrigation season. The fee for this is $200 per account. The difference in the demand charges and the fee must be paid before the change in control is made. Changes are accepted during regular office hours.

Ending participation in load management during the irrigation season

Customers have the option to end their participation in the load management program. There is a $200 fee for this change, per account. The customer must pay the difference in demand charges between their current control level and the no control option, plus the fee before this change is made. The change to no control can be made during regular office hours.

Reconnecting an irrigation service on standby

There is a $100 charge to reconnect any irrigation well that had been in standby status.  This charge is in addition to the horsepower fixed charges. Contact Dawson PPD for rate information.


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