2021 Residential Rebates

2021 Residential Rebates


2021 Residential Rebates

Air Source & Geothermal Heat Pump Incentive or Low Interest Loan

We give you two options — choose the one that best suits your situation. Please note that Dawson PPD’s additional $100 per ton of cooling has been discontinued.

Cooling System Tune-up

To keep your heat pump or air conditioner running efficiently, it should receive periodic tune-ups by a trained professional.

Attic Insulation

If you have six or less inches of insulation in your attic you may qualify for a rebate when you add six or more inches of insulation. To qualify you must have a heat pump, electric furnace or permanently installed electric heat (baseboard, radiant, etc.).

Heat Pump Water Heater

Incentives are available for those whom install an air source or water/ground source heat pump water heater.

Smart Thermostat

Customers that primarily use electric heat qualify for a $75 rebate. Fossil-fuel heating customers will receive $25. An additional $25 rebate is available to customers who hire a professional to install the thermostat.

Transfer Switch Installation

Dawson PPD offers a rebate to customers who have a transfer switch (also called a double-throw switch) installed so they can safely connect their generator for use during a power outage.

Other rebates and tax incentives

We have additional rebates for commercial, agriculture and irrigation customers. Please visit DawsonPower.com/rebates for a full list and links to current federal tax credits.


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