Prepaid electric account option

Prepaid metering is a pay as you go electric service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using. Use an app, the internet or an automated phone system to monitor your balance so you know when to add funds. Your bill is calculated daily.

Pay on your schedule – daily, weekly or monthly – just maintain a prepaid balance.

  • It costs $125 to start a prepaid account ($50 deposit + $75 for power).
  • If your balance drops below $20 credit, you’ll receive an alert.
  • If the account drops to a $0 balance or below, it will be disconnected at noon on days when Dawson PPD’s office is open. Once you pay, the power can be restored
    • There are no reconnect fees, but your payment must bring the balance up to $50 credit or more.
  • This offer is available to Dawson PPD customers on the General Service and General Service-Electric Heat rates.
  • Billing options can be changed following established guidelines.
    • If you are currently a Dawson PPD customer with a traditional account, contact the billing department to talk about transitioning to a prepaid account.
  • Renters must receive approval from their landlord before participating.


Revised March 22, 2021

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