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Building a new home, grain bin site or converting an irrigation well to electricity? Material shortages may cause delays in getting power to your property. While Dawson Public Power District has an inventory of equipment, the district is not receiving all the material it has ordered.

“Shortages affect some types and sizes of electrical services and not others. When customers discuss a new project with our staking engineers, we can determine if it will be delayed,” Cole Brodine, Manager of Engineering, says.

“If we don’t have the required equipment, Dawson PPD will put the customer’s project on a wait list. Cost estimates will be completed when the material becomes available.”

Current projects on the wait list include two irrigation services and a subdivision requiring underground power lines. Customers on the list will be contacted as equipment is received.

“Suppliers say some of our orders won’t be filled until 2023 or 2024,” says Jerry Hobelman, Manager of Purchasing, Facilities and Fleet. “We know that costs are increasing and that is a concern as well. Vendors aren’t providing final pricing on some items until the order is delivered.”

Dawson PPD is maintaining an inventory of items to repair or replace lines following weather events or vehicle accidents. At this time, the shortages affect some new construction projects, not maintenance projects.

Customers who need a new electrical service or are planning upgrades to an irrigation service should call Dawson Public Power District at 308-324-2386.

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