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Platte River Public Power and Irrigation District is the name chosen for the merged Dawson Public Power District and Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District.

The following documents have been created during the review process:

Consolidation Documents

Plan of Consolidation – The full plan

Consolidation Plan Schedule A – A list of outreach efforts to inform the public about the potential merger

Power Systems Engineering Phase 2 Report – January 25, 2022

Petitioners’ Post-Hearing Brief

Nebraska Power Review Board Petition for Charter Amendment 6  – April 21, 2023

Concept Draft of PRPPID Bylaws – June 2, 2023

Press Releases / Newsletter Articles
Media coverage


Central-Dawson merger has its day in court – 2/23/23

Nebraska Power Review Board presented with conflicting arguments on proposed merger – 2/15/23

One lawsuit dismissed, another filed opposing merger of Central Nebraska irrigation district and Dawson Public Power – 2/14/23

Merger: NRD backs irrigators fighting Central-Dawson merger – 2/10/2023

Group opposing power district merger gains more support – 2/9/2023

Let’s clear the waters and talk about the merger – 1/30/2023

Group opposed to Central, Dawson power and water merger holds public meeting in Holdrege – 1/26/2023

Group files lawsuit following vote to merge two public power districts – 1/25/2023

Central Dawson execs: Merger opponents late to the party – 1/17/2023

Opposition leader says momentum growing against CNPPID, Dawson PPD merger – 1/9/2023

Water users fight to keep local control of water, prevent merger of CNPPID, Dawson PPD– 1/4/2023



Lawsuit filed against power districts merger – 12/8/2022

CNPPID-DPPD charger amendments hearing date set – 11/7/2022

CNPPID, DPPD Boards approve merger despite local objections – 10/28/2022

Public power districts in south-central Nebraska vote to merge – 10/26/2022

Districts merge as Platte River Public Power & Irrigation – 10/24/2022

Irrigators upset over proposed merger of central Nebraska irrigation/power districts – 10/24/2022

Power districts’ merger vote scheduled for Monday – 10/18/2022

Opposition to public power district merger granted standing – 12/16/2022

Water users file lawsuit and protest against proposed merger of power districts – 12/9/2022

Proposed merger of DPPD and CNPPID takes next step – 10/7/2022

Public can learn about Central, Dawson power’s merger – 10/7/2022

CNPPID, Dawson PPD merger nears final stages – 9/9/2022

Dawson, Central will proceed studying merger after affirmative vote – 2/8/2022

Two public power districts could merge – 2/7/2022

CNPPID Board further considers consolidation with DPPD – 10/6/2022

CNPPID board OK’s moving to final phase of consolidation study with DPPD – 9/9/2022

Central & Dawson Boards vote to advance merger study to next phase – 2/8/2022

CNPPID Board votes to continue potential merger study – 2/7/2022

Merge debated between Dawson Public Power, Central Nebraska Public Power – 2/4/2022



CNPPID Board votes to enter next phase in merger study – 4/6/2021

CNPPID, Dawson Public Power Holding study to see if consolidation is economically and strategically beneficial – 1/13/2021



CNPPID, Dawson Public Power study possible merger – 12/8/2020

Dawson Public Power and Central Ne. Public Power and Irrigation District discuss merger – 11/6/2020

DPPD & CNPPID exploring mutually beneficial integration – 11/5/2020