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Dawson PPD irrigation customers can expect at least four days of irrigation load management during the week of July 24-July 31, 2023.

“It is an unusual year. Most years, we would have had several load control days by the end of July, but we haven’t had one yet,” said Dawson PPD Manager of Engineering Cole Brodine. “Since it is so late in the season, we wanted to remind customers to pay attention to the daily announcements.”

Irrigators can tune in to KRVN AM, visit DawsonPower.com or sign up for text messages.

The decisions for load management control days and times are made by Nebraska Public Power District. The load management program, which has been in place for decades, has kept electric rates low. Dawson PPD offers lower cost electricity to irrigation customers who participate in the program by turning off irrigation wells when electric demand is the highest. Producers determine if they want to participate in the program and how many days they can be controlled during a week.


Stay safe and help us keep the power flowing

Stay safe and help us keep the power flowing

Let’s work together for a safer, more dependable power supply. If you see something that concerns you, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us at 308-324-2386. By keeping an eye out for hazards and reporting them, you become an essential part of our team, and your efforts help us serve you better.

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