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March 18, 2019
Dawson Public Power District will increase its Distribution Charge by one dollar for all General Service Rate and A-SH General Service Electric Heat Rate customers. This change will be in effect with May statements.
The General Service Rate’s monthly distribution charge will change from $29 per month to $30. The A-SH General Service Electric Heat Rate will move from $31 per month to $32.
The distribution charge defrays Dawson PPD’s costs associated with bringing power to the customer. This includes power lines, substation equipment, maintenance and administration. The distribution charge was implemented in 2015, along with lower kilowatt hour charges, and is billed every month in addition to the amount of kilowatt hours used. The cost per kilowatt hours used will remain the same as it was in 2017 for the General Service Rate and A-SH General Service Electric Heat Rate customers.
“This year’s budget was reduced by $8.7 million over the previous year,” said General Manager Gwen Kautz. “It is our duty to control costs as much as possible before we ask ratepayers to pay more. We looked at capital projects for 2019 and shifted priorities to better control costs. Dawson PPD believes that if we act fairly and treat customers and their property with respect, we can satisfy the core business objectives: efficient, effective, reliable and safe power.”
Dawson PPD customers may review rate information at any time through the following resources: online at DawsonPower.com, by calling 308-324-2386 or 800-752-8305 (toll free), or by visiting Dawson PPD’s office in Lexington.