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We take electrical safety VERY seriously.

While electricity brings us many of the conveniences that make our lives better, it also demands our respect.

Many of our power lines are energized to 7,200 volts. Contact with them can be deadly. If you take a few minutes to look around for power lines before you start a project or fly a kite with your grandchildren, you can avoid catastrophe.

Dawson PPD offers electrical safety demonstrations and brochures. We care about you and want you to be safe.

Electrical Safety Commandments

Copyright: 2007 Dawson Public Power District. The Electrical Safety Commandments cannot be used without permission.

I. Thou shall LOOK UP AND LIVE to see if there are power lines where you are working or playing.

If you must work in close proximity to power lines, call Dawson PPD so we can assess the situation and help you stay safe.

II. Thou shall know when a home improvement project is beyond your skill level.

If in doubt, contact a professional. Bad wiring can lead to injuries, house fires and deaths.

III. Thou shall call DIGGER’S HOTLINE (811) before you start digging.

Please note that Dawson PPD will not locate your underground wire. Call an electrician to locate buried lines between your meter and your house.

IV. Thou shall childproof your house for young children and educate your older children.

Spending a few cents on outlet covers could save a life. Teach your children and grandchildren to use electricity wisely and carefully.

V. Thou shall install special outlets in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where electrical appliances may come in contact with water.

These ground-fault-circuit-interrupters can be easily installed in most homes.

VI. Thou shall NEVER attempt to move a power line.

Because you cannot see or hear electricity you may not know if a line is energized. Under NO circumstances should you use anything to lift a sagging power line. Call Dawson PPD for assistance.

Energy-Saving Tips and Calculators

Dawson PPD offers tools and tips to help you save energy and stretch your energy dollars.

Politics, Policy and Public Power Customers

Politics, Policy and Public Power Customers

Grassroots political information from the Nebraska Rural Electric Association.

Working for Nebraska

Public Power is affordable, reliable, eco friendly and it offers local control. How is your public power district working for you?


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