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Normal bill collection procedures resume
(June 8, 2020) — Dawson Public Power District is reinstating normal bill collection procedures following board approval. The District stopped disconnecting customers for non-payment on April 6.
“We understand that this pandemic has been financially difficult for some of our customers,” says General Manager Gwen Kautz. “As a publicly owned utility, we felt it was our duty to ease some of the financial burdens these customers were facing. Now that our country is moving forward, we must do the same.”
Customers with a past due balance will receive a notice about their account status.  Disconnects will be processed in July.
“If a customer cannot pay their bill, it is important that they contact Dawson PPD to make a payment arrangement. We can work with customers to get their balance caught up or refer them to local organizations and churches who may be offering energy assistance. Communication is key,” says Connie Hird, Supervisor of Consumer Accounts and Records.
Dawson PPD accepts checks, cash payments at the Lexington office, payments by phone, online payments and MoneyGram.
If a customer receives a phone call or notice they believe may be part of a scam, they should contact Dawson PPD to confirm their account status.  Billing personnel are available weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 308-324-2386 or 800-752-8305.