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Dave Dwiggins

Dawson PPD Board Member Dave Dwiggins

Dave Dwiggins

Dawson PPD Board Member

Area served: Buffalo County Subdivision

Years of service: 29

What do you do outside of serving on Dawson PPD’s Board of Directors?

I am officially retired, but I previously operated the family farm. I currently manage the farm and lease it out. My wife, Janet, and I enjoy traveling to see our children.

What made you want to serve on the Dawson PPD Board of Directors?

My dad served on the Dawson PPD Board for many years. It was fascinating hearing his stories from the board room, his travels, and the education he received while serving. I felt that running for a seat on the board would be a great thing to do. I could stand behind the not-for-profit, community-focused mission the board had.

Because your father was a former board member, did you feel that you had some knowledge about public power on your first day as a board member?

Oh, hell no! (laughs)

What was it like serving on the Dawson PPD Board that first year?

I was wide-eyed with my mouth hung open while trying to understand everything. I’d read at home and pay close attention during board meetings. I also had a mentor, and that was crucial for a rookie like me.

What are your top three priorities for Dawson PPD?

I have more than three, more like five. I have a similar mindset to our founding fathers and keep our most basic priorities in mind:
1. Keep rates low. That’s what makes public power so great is how affordable it is.
2. Low rates, but as safely as possible.
3. Keep reliability high. That’s what the people are paying for.
Some newer priorities I have are:
4. Adapt and reposition for renewable energy and environmental concerns. I believe that renewable energy is important, but it’s not the entire picture. We need to continue to keep learning and adapting.
5. We need to consider our viability for the future. There are many changes coming for electric companies, and we need to be ready. Our discussion with The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District about a potential merger shows that we are motivated.
March 2021

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