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5 steps to take when approached by a solar or wind developer
  1. GATHER information about the developer such as existing agreements and/or sizes of any proposed or installed project(s).
  2. SEEK advice from an attorney before signing any easement, contract or document.
  3. DON’T sign anything unless you are comfortable; don’t fall for the pressure tactics (ex. “Your neighbor signed, you should, too.”)
  4. DETERMINE the status of any referenced solar or wind projects (ex. proposed, pending, under construction, online, etc.)
  5. CONTACT Dawson PPD at 308-324-2386 to find out if we are familiar with the developer and respective projects.


Shortages cause delays for electric customers

Building a new home, grain bin site or converting an irrigation well to electricity? Material shortages may cause delays in getting power to your property. While Dawson Public Power District has an inventory of equipment, the district is not receiving all the material...

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