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Dawson PPD Board Subdivision Map

The Dawson Public Power District Board Subdivision Boundaries were redrawn in response to population data collected by the 2020 Census.

The new boundaries were approved by the Power Review Board in early 2022. Each member of the 11-person board represents about 2,300 people. Dawson PPD’s Board Governance is divided into three subdivisions – Lincoln, Dawson and Buffalo – which previously followed the county lines. Now, the Dawson Subdivision has expanded beyond the county line into Buffalo County. The Lincoln Subdivison remains the same.

“Local control is the backbone of public power,” said Gwen Kautz, Dawson PPD General Manager. “The Dawson PPD Board is charged with running efficient operations to ensure reliability and low-cost electrical power to its customers.”

The Dawson Subdivision boundary expands north and east into Buffalo County to the intersection of 115 Road and Evergreen Road. Customers who reside north and west of this intersection will have representation from board members within the Dawson Subdivision.

The Buffalo Subdivision includes most of Buffalo County within Dawson PPD’s service territory except north and west of the intersection of 115 Road and Evergreen Road.

The Lincoln Subdivision boundary is within Dawson PPD’s service territory and meets the county line between Lincoln and Dawson.

These new board subdivision boundaries are subject to change with the next census or in the event of an alteration to the business charter, such as a merger.

As a publicly-owned utility and a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, Dawson PPD is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the people they serve. Dawson PPD customers are welcome to view information pertaining to their board representative and contact information by visiting this page or by calling 308-324-2386.

About Dawson PPD

Dawson PPD serves more than 23,000 electric meters and maintains over 5,800 miles of power lines in south central Nebraska, along the Platte River Valley. Dawson PPD’s territory includes all the rural areas in Dawson and Buffalo Counties, approximately two-thirds of Gosper County, a third of Lincoln County and parts of Custer, Sherman and Frontier Counties. The District also serves several villages: Hershey, Maxwell, Brady, Farnam, Eustis, Elwood, Eddyville, Smithfield, Overton, Sumner, Miller, Riverdale, Amherst, Odessa and Pleasanton. Dawson PPD does not serve customers within the cities of North Platte, Gothenburg, Cozad, Lexington, Elm Creek, Kearney, Gibbon, Shelton or Ravenna.


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