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Is my well controlled every day I get a CODE RED text message?

The same load management text messages are sent to all electric irrigation customers. A “code red” day will only affect your irrigation system if it is eligible for control that specific day.

For example: The first level of control is the one-day. So if you get a Code Red message on Monday and you are signed up for only Monday, your service will be one of the first controlled.

New account? Check your rate

If you’ve recently put an account in your name, let Dawson PPD know the control option you need for that service.

When an account changes names, it defaults to the “no control” option. Load management option changes are due March 15.

What about adding solar to my pivot site?

Contact Dawson PPD if you are considering adding solar to your irrigation service. Note that irrigation accounts with customer-owned generation need to be on monthly energy billing, not seasonal energy billing. Systems over 25 KW do not qualify for the net metering rate.

Can I get a break from load management?

If equipment breaks down or a pivot gets stuck, call Dawson PPD for a break from load management. If your system is under control at that time, Dawson PPD can give you a few minutes or hours to make repairs. There is no charge for this service. Call 308-324-2386.

Why do I need a soft start device?

Starting motor currents can be as high as three times the running current. This inrush of current can cause blinks and other power quality issues for neighboring customers. A soft start prevents this inrush current.

Dawson PPD requires a soft start device on any irrigation service 100 horsepower or more. Under 100 horsepower, a soft start is not required.

What does it cost to build a new irrigation service?

Dawson PPD can provide a construction estimate for serving a new well, or converting from fossil fuel. Call 308-324-2386 for an estimate.

Prices for electrical equipment, like transformers and wire, have increased quickly. A Dawson PPD estimate of construction costs is guaranteed for 14 days. To lock in the current pricing, the customer needs to pay the aid to construction costs.

Some electrical equipment has been in short supply. Dawson PPD will notify customers who could be affected by shortages.

Is Dawson PPD financially stable? What about debt?

Dawson PPD uses bonds to finance big construction projects. These bonds were issued at favorable rates. They will be paid back over several years, by the ratepayers who benefit from the construction projects. These projects have improved the reliability, capacity and efficiency of Dawson PPD’s electric grid.

Dawson is current on its loans and bond payments. The district has an “A” bond rating, which provides access to good interest rates. Equity as a percent of assets is at 68.37 percent; another good indicator of financial well-being.

In the proposed merger, Dawson PPD and the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District have different business models. Dawson PPD borrows money for improvements. Central saves money before starting improvements. Platte River Public Power and Irrigation District will keep the financials of the businesses separate, meaning that each division of the business is individually accountable.

Dawson PPD bond debt 2013-2022

Dawson PPD Electric Irrigation Newsletter 2023
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