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In mid-February, the Nebraska Power Review Board heard testimony about the proposed merger of The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District and Dawson Public Power District. The PRB asked for an extension of the normal 60-day deadline for a decision. Central and Dawson agreed to extend the deadline until May 8, 2023.

Let’s recall why we considered a merger in the first place. Our conversations started with power sales.

Central sells hydro power and Dawson PPD can purchase up to 20,417 kW of renewable power (10 percent) outside of the wholesale contract with Nebraska Public Power District.

We soon discovered the benefits would be even greater if the two companies merged. A contract couldn’t flex with energy market changes, but a merged organization can. We have complimentary workforces, territories and assets. There are additional possibilities for economic development if we work together. Platte River Public Power and Irrigation District will provide rate stability for all customers and save money.

If you have questions, please contact me. You can also contact your representative on the board. Merger information is also available here.

Dawson PPD Electric Irrigation Newsletter 2023

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