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Dawson PPD Board Member Bob Kennicutt

Area served: Dawson Subdivision

Years of service: 38 years


  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Credentialed Cooperative Director

  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Board Leadership Certificate


What do you do outside of serving on Dawson PPD’s Board of Directors?

My wife, Kay, and I live in Eddyville and run a cow/calf farming operation. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. They keep us busy. I am also a Mason/Shriner. In the summer, my wife and I enjoy attending the dirt track stock car races.

What made you want to serve on the Dawson PPD Board of Directors?

A couple of guys came to me about 38 years ago and asked me if I would run for the Dawson PPD Board. I had served on several other boards and I felt that this was an opportunity to continue to serve my community. I really didn’t know what I was getting in to. It was a large business then, and it has grown so much since.

What is your favorite memory serving on the board?

One of my favorite memories was years ago when Doc Kloepping was on the National Board for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. We had so much fun when we went to any of the national meetings. Dawson PPD was a respected utility and still is. The District’s technology is always on the cutting-edge.

Another memory I have is from the 1994 April blizzard. The power lines were down, and we went two weeks without power. I remember I was out filling the tractor and I heard someone drive in. It was Ed Darby, the General Manager of Dawson PPD at the time. He drove out to see the destruction. There were no power poles to be seen. It was a sad day for both of us. I appreciate that he took the time to visit and see the destruction personally. Another Dawson PPD Board Member, Bob Stubblefield, loaned me a generator so we could water the cows. As terrible as the storm was, it was heartwarming to see how everyone supported one another.

What is something you learned about public power that surprised you?

I didn’t realize that there are over 5,000 miles of power lines in Dawson PPD’s service territory. It takes a tremendous amount of electrical power, truck power and man power to keep the electricity on at our customers’ farms and homes.

Why is it important to serve on the Dawson PPD Board of Directors?

I feel it is necessary to be sure that the employees are safe and have the equipment they need to serve our customers well. We also want to be sure that the rates are as low as they can be. It is important that our customers know what is always going on.


Going way, way up

Going way, way up

What has 92 feet and is red all over? Dawson PPD’s newest digger derrick.
The latest addition to the District’s fleet boasts a reach of up to 92 feet, helping our lineworkers reach 70-foot-tall transmission poles with ease.

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