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Broken sub-transmission line pole from a storm

At Dawson PPD, we prioritize delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity to our customers. With over 5,300 miles of power lines, it’s a monumental task to ensure that every inch of our grid remains in top-notch condition day in and day out.

We have a dedicated team working around the clock, but we need the power of community support to help us identify potential hazards and maintain the reliability of your power supply.

The Nature of Hazards

While we strive to prevent and mitigate hazards, various factors can impact the integrity of our power lines. Mother Nature is often unpredictable, with storm damage being one of the leading causes of power disruptions. Fallen trees, debris and other storm-related issues can compromise our lines and equipment, leading to power outages. Additionally, low-hanging lines, farm equipment or vehicle contact with lines, damaged guy wires, loose crossarm braces and frayed wires are all potential hazards that need attention.

How You Can Help

Being our eyes on the ground is invaluable in keeping our system safe. We encourage you to be vigilant and report any potential hazards you come across. Here’s how you can help:

  • See Something, Say Something: If you notice any power lines damaged by storms, low-hanging lines or equipment in contact with lines, report it to us immediately. Your timely information can prevent further damage and ensure safety.
  • Community Collaboration: Together, we can maintain a strong and reliable power grid that’s also financially efficient. A well-maintained electrical system reduces the need for costly emergency repairs and helps us allocate resources more effectively, which can lead to long-term cost savings for all of us.
  • Regular Inspections: While we can’t patrol every mile of our electric grid daily, we do conduct regular inspections. Your reports will help direct our efforts to areas that might need immediate attention.
  • Safety First: If you spot a hazard, please do not attempt to fix it yourself. Stay clear and let our trained professionals handle it. Your safety is important.

We’re Here for You

Let’s work together for a safer, more dependable power supply. If you see something that concerns you, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us at 308-324-2386. By keeping an eye out for hazards and reporting them, you become an essential part of our team, and your efforts help us serve you better.


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