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If I improve the power factor on my irrigation system, when is that change reflected on my horsepower fixed charge bill?

If you’ve made changes to your irrigation equipment to improve your power factor, please call Dawson PPD’s billing department at 308-324-2386. The date when it will affect the horsepower fixed charge billing will depend on the date when the improvements were completed.

Dawson PPD’s irrigation, large power and industrial customers need to have a power factor of 90-100 percent. A penalty applies to those recording less than 90 percent.
The power factor reading is taken at the same time that the service reaches peak electrical demand.

Call if you have questions about power factor. Also note that power factor improvements are a business decision and should be evaluated for cost effectiveness.

How do I improve power factor?

Improve the power factor at your irrigation service by replacing the capacitor.

If you use a variable frequency drive, have it reprogrammed for your needs. Sometimes the original factory settings on VFDs  fail to correct power factor.

Can I get a copy of my bill online?

Yes. You can view and print your bill statements using the “view bill” version found on e-bill system, called SmartHub. Previous bills are available as well.

Does Dawson PPD offer scholarships?

Yes, the District offers two scholarships:

  • STEM – A $2,000 scholarship that encourages students to pursue a STEM related degree. Careers can include engineering, biology, accounting, computer programming, and telecommunications.
  • Utility Line – A $2,000 scholarship for students pursuing a career as a line worker.

Scholarship forms are available at DawsonPower.com and are due on March 14, 2024.

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