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About $8.2 million in electric distribution system improvements is budgeted for 2024. The plans will improve roughly 55 miles of power lines.

As a not-for-profit utility, Dawson PPD reinvests in its system to ensure safe and reliable electricity.

The budget was approved at the November board meeting. Project funding is derived from previous annual sales and long-term bonds. All projects are evaluated on safety, reliability and system loading.

Affected customers are contacted by Dawson PPD to communicate any necessary power outages or property access needed to complete the work.

Construction projects are divided into three categories:

Renewable energy infographic

Distribution upgrades (Site Specific)

These power lines are located on the side of the road and provide power to homes, farms and businesses. The plans include projects scheduled as part of a multi-year plan and divides large projects into smaller, more manageable parts.

Aging distribution replacement

These power lines carry electricity to customer homes, farms and businesses. Aging distribution describes power lines that have been in place for more than 50 years, including original equipment from the early 1940s. These lines are in need of complete replacement to ensure safety and reliability. Between 20 to 30 miles are budgeted to be replaced each year.

Transmission line & substation upgrades

The third category represents Dawson PPD’s need to increase its capacity for power at substations and on distribution and transmission lines. Transmission lines carry power between substations. A substation is a point where electricity is sent into the distribution system so it can be delivered to customers.


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