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Prepaid meteringPrepaid metering offers new way to pay

Are you looking for complete control over your electricity budget and energy consumption? Introducing Dawson PPD’s latest bill payment program: Prepaid metering.

Prepaid metering is a pay-as-you-go electric service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using. Traditional bill payment options are still available.

“Prepaid metering is like putting fuel in your car,” explains Connie Hird, Consumer Accounts and Records Supervisor. “You pay for the fuel and fill the tank before driving the car. At Dawson PPD, you can ‘fill the tank’ on your prepaid account as often as needed.”

It costs $125 to start a prepaid metering account, which includes a $50 deposit and a $75 credit for power. Existing customers must settle their current account and pay the startup fee of $125 to join. Existing deposits will be refunded.

“In a traditionally billed account, customers with either poor credit or no credit must pay a deposit of $400,” Hird said. “This is a good alternative for those who simply cannot pay the deposit required.”

Customers can make payments into their prepaid account daily, weekly or however often they wish – as long as a credit balance is maintained. Money is posted into a prepaid account and the credit balance decreases as energy is used. An app and website are available to keep track of the balance or customers may call Dawson PPD during regular business hours.

A handy feature on the app and website is a payment calculator. This tool calculates the average daily consumption and shows the customer how many days their payment should last. Using a credit or debit card is strongly encouraged for ease of payment.

“Prepaid metering really gives the customer complete control of their account,” Hird said. “They can track their daily energy use and adjust their habits to save money.”

When the balance falls below $20, customers are notified by email, text message or phone. No paper statements will be mailed.

If the balance reaches $0 or below, power will be disconnected. Disconnects will be processed on weekdays at noon and will not be delayed due to weather conditions.

“We do not disconnect on evenings, weekends or holidays,” Hird said. “Prepaid account balance notifications are sent around 9:00 a.m., allowing time for customers to take action before noon.”

If a prepaid metering account is disconnected, the customer must pay $25 to establish a minimum balance before power is restored. Unlike a traditionally billed account, there are no reconnection fees.

For questions or to enroll in prepaid metering, please call Dawson PPD at 308-324-2386.


January 2019

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