Do you use life sustaining medical equipment? Let Dawson PPD know!

Dawson PPD can designate accounts of customers that have life sustaining medical equipment in use, such as an oxygen concentrator or infant monitoring for a premature baby. This information is used for notification of planned power outages for maintenance or line construction. Customers who qualify for this designation need to provide a letter from their physician.

While the designation is helpful in planning a scheduled power outage, the benefits are limited. It does not guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. There needs to be a plan to relocate the individual using the medical equipment or have alternative solutions in case a power outage occurs.

The designation does not relieve a customer of the obligation to pay the monthly power bill. If an account becomes past due, the normal non-payment procedure will be followed.

In the case of an emergency or unplanned outage, this designation does not mean that power will be restored more quickly than it is for other customers. Following a storm, accident or equipment failure, Dawson PPD crews follow a procedure that allows them to re-energize lines in a safe and logical way. The length of the outage will depend on the severity of the damage, the required repairs and your location on the electrical grid.

For more information about the medical equipment designation, please contact Cheri at 308-324-2386.


June 2019

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