Between the lines: Being thankful

Dawson Public Power District General Manager Gwen Kautz.

Dawson Public Power District General Manager Gwen Kautz.

Gwen Kautz
General Manager

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. I love the smell of spices with pumpkin pie and the turkey in the oven. I love non-stop college football games on TV. My home is no longer steeped in tradition because our kids are grown and have their own families. Now and then the whole group, including all the grandkids, show up and that’s just fine. For those that know me, the kitchen and I don’t get along that well.

We’ll be seeing social media posts asking us to tell the world what we are thankful for and wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. That’s what this column is about.

I spent 14 years working for an investor owned utility in Colorado and I can tell you that Nebraska and the rural public power districts and cooperatives in this state are second to none. So, I’m thankful for being a transplant the past 25 years. Go Big Red!

Seriously, the heart of Dawson PPD is the people that work here. Every. Single. One. Each person is a part of what makes this organization world class. While our duties differ and sometimes change, the pride in their work shows up everywhere.

My second thankful reflection are the customers we serve. The support for public power is always strong. Electricity is a must-have and we do our best to keep it reliable and affordable. We believe transparency is the best way to operate.We keep customers updated on outages using our social media options and the support from you all is evident in your posts. It’s a dangerous job for the linemen and that’s without throwing in darkness, heat, wind, snow and ice.

Dawson PPD, their customers and employees are blessed to have a very active board of directors. These 11 representatives attend industry meetings outside of the regular board meetings just to make sure we are up to speed on the impacts that will affect all of us.

The people of Nebraska, as a whole, are another reason to be thankful. Your neighbors, your friends, your churches, your organizations, your schools, your hospitals, your first responders, your power districts and the scenic beauty from rivers to sprawling farms and ranches…puts Nebraska in a class all its own. I know I haven’t lived in every state and making that assertion is bold, but I’m willing to put money on it. I think you would too. I like knowing kids raised here know how to work and aren’t afraid to get dirty. When I first moved here, the motto was “the good life” and now it’s “Nebraska, it isn’t for everyone” and I think both of those fit perfectly.

In the middle of the holiday, it’s impossible not to take a moment to be thankful for something. I wish your family a Happy Thanksgiving and lots of football! #GBR


November 2019

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