Dawson Public Power District General Manager Gwen Kautz.

Dawson Public Power District General Manager Gwen Kautz.

What’s your secret super-power? Did you know it’s within everyone’s ability to be a hero by volunteering?

One of the benefits of living in smaller communities within Dawson PPD’s service territory is that our employees volunteer for civic/community/church opportunities in a variety of ways. Without local volunteers, many organizations would cease to exist.

We have employees who are active in so many areas that this entire column would be filled with just who volunteers for what. The volunteerism ranges from church activities, foster care, hunter education/organizations, sports of all kinds, Lions, Boy Scouts, fire departments and even rescue diving. We have employees who give time to Nebraska Game and Parks, animal shelters, after school programs, 4-H, planning commissions and more.

Employee charitable giving Christmas 2020In addition, our Lexington office always chooses a Christmas cause by purchasing gifts for families that cannot afford gifts. The tree at our office is filled with presents. We have all enjoyed that. We also do an annual food drive for a local food pantry. Many of us participate in the “Give Big” campaigns for our communities.

These organizations need more volunteers. Our kids need coaches or coordinators, and our fire departments need lots of volunteers to maintain a healthy response team. Again, the list is long.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to put 2020 in my rear-view mirror. I’m not saying that 2021 won’t have its bumpy roads. We are more prepared to traverse the rocky roads based on our experiences of 2020. Putting a bad year behind you can be remedied by finding a place to volunteer. Trust me, no organization is going to turn away a volunteer. You can and will make a difference. You will also realize that it’s making a difference in you.

Take stock in what interests you. Wildlife? Pheasants Forever and Game and Parks might be in your future. Children? That’s a long list of opportunities. Churches are always looking for classroom help, or schools look for someone to help with team events. A sense of adventure? Fire departments require a lot of training but it’s rewarding. How about reading? Libraries or other areas often look for someone who will read to groups – or teach others how to read. Just think of what you like doing and share it with others! That’s the essence of volunteering.

Social distancing may prevent you from having a full volunteer experience, but I encourage you to look for ways to help others. There are so many options out there. It’s no secret that “it’s better to give than receive” when it comes to volunteerism. There’s nothing like that feeling. I know many readers of this column are volunteers – and we thank you for that!

Happy New Year!


January 2021

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